Path To Licensure

steps to real estate licensure
Nine Simple Steps to Get Your Real Estate License in Iowa
  • Step 01 – Meet the minimum requirements | Must be 18 years of age and submit background check requirements to the Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau (PLB)
  • Step 02 – Complete the Real Estate Principals and Practices (60-hour course)| This asynchronous/self-paced class contains pertinent information for the examination.
  • Step 03* – Register for the Salesperson Exam | Register and take the exam at a PSI Examination Site.

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    *Can be done simultaneously with Step 2.

  • Step 04 – Yay! You passed the Salesperson Exam.
  • Step 05 – Take three, required classes | Complete the classes Buying, Listing, and Developing Professionalism & Ethical Practices.
  • Step 06 – Select a real estate brokerage.
  • Step 07 – Obtain Errors & Omissions Insurance | Professional liability insurance for the State of Iowa.
  • Step 08 – Submit your application | Complete the required application and provide the proper documentation to the Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau (PLB).
  • Step 09 – Build Your Real Estate Empire.