Why Choose Us

Providing pre-licensure classes and continuing education units for over four decades, the Iowa Real Estate School is the largest, industry-specific school in the state of Iowa. We are passionate about preparing real estate professionals to become responsible leaders and lifelong learners through experiences that emphasize inspiration, inquiry, and evolution.

Our vast catalog of courses, state-of-the-art learning center, top-notch instructors, and flexibility in scheduling makes us the number one choice for Iowa agents. If you are looking for a real estate school with in-person instruction or an online real estate school, we have you covered!

Our team of 40+ highly qualified and talented instructors with over twenty decades of experience, is driven by a shared purpose to improve the real estate industry and help create a lifetime of sustainable success. Our course catalog was curated with your needs in mind and our real estate classes are interactive, convenient, and provide a safe, reliable environment.  

Four Reasons to Choose Us

Reason 1:

Our classes are convenient and flexible. Asynchronous, hybrid, and in-person learning.

Reason 2:

We offer the lowest cost, highest-quality Real Estate education in the state.

Reason 3:

Our students become successful leaders and engage in experiences that emphasize inspiration, inquiry, and evolution to help master their real estate jobs.

Reason 4:

We have a great reputation, people like us, and we genuinely care about our community.